See, understand and change your daily climate impact.

Uppsala, Sweden


Klimaträtt is Swedish for “climate friendly”, literally translated it means “climate appropriate”. Uppsalahem initiated the Klimaträtt Project with the main objective to provide help, support and inspiration for our tenants in their pursuit of a more climate friendly life style. The Lindell family living in a single-family home in Hässelby inspired the project; having reduced their climate impact by 62% within six months in 2011 while maintaining their standard-of-living. The main concept of the project was upscaling the experience of this family: to support customers in their reduction of the climate footprint, without cost increase or other sacrifices for them, but still being commercially viable for companies. To achieve this ambitious idea, an innovative application was developed giving people direct and detailed feedback on their climate footprint.The project was launched together with ICA, Sweden’s largest grocery retailer, which meant that two fundamental parts of daily life were covered. To extend the project’s foundation even further, more partners joined the team covering different types of transportation and other types of consumption patterns.