Habitatges a Quatre Camins

Passive housing for senior citizens.

Barcelona, Spain


The aim of the project is to build public rental housing for elderly people, with services adapted to their needs regarding mobility and accessibility. This building must accommodate senior citizens on a lifetime rent basis that correspond to low income social segments of the population.

A fee is paid that is adapted to the users’ personal income and services (health, food, etc.), depending on their situation and personal autonomy. Due to this situation, the architectural project is sensitive to
the economic circumstances of its inhabitants and favours easy maintenance and clear energy efficiency of the apartments. Priority was given to passive energy control measures to ensure residents’ comfort and facilitate subsequent self-service and to avoid difficult complexities for the administration to manage.
Finally, it seeks to promote spaces of relationship both outside and inside the building to favour social and recreational activities for residents which improve their physical and mental well-being as well as being an element of social cohesion with the existing fabric of the neighbourhood.

In conclusion, the final project takes advantage of all opportunities that the site plan and the urban approach offer. Its architectural resolution has an active and passive environmental attitude during the useful life of the building as well as a social attitude.