"Home builders" project

Creating new job opportunities in a major renewal project to the benefit of residents

Örebro, Sweden


n the district of Vivalla and the surrounding neighbourhood, the rate of employment and levels of education are low compared to Örebro as a whole. ÖBO wanted to be involved in the efforts to reduce this problem when the time came for a major renewal project in the area.
Instead of just having construction workers from other parts of the city rebuilding Vivalla, the objective was to find a way to allow the new job opportunities that come with a major renewal project to be of benefit to the residents of Vivalla itself.
The dream was that the children of local residents in the area who had previously been out of work would now be able to say with pride, “My dad, or my mum, has got a job renovating our house!” We chose to call this labour market initiative “Home builders” (“Boendebyggarna”).
The Municipality of Örebro, the Adult Education College, and the Labour Market Administration, together with the local Job Centre, collaborate and communicate with job seekers who might, in various ways, be included in the team during the project. The aim is to provide trainee positions or apply other labour market measures to job seekers in the area, thereby involving them in the renewal work.