Episode 1


Getting a taste of what the EU Green Deal looks in practice.

Housing Europe organised a field trip to the UIA backed project ‘Superlocal’ in Kerkrade to meet the stakeholders that made this truly innovative, circular social housing project possible. 

Episode 2


The key success of the EU Green Deal would be to help all members of society.

We asked Ciaran Cuffe, an Irish Member of the European Parliament with the Greens, to have a Skype Call to discuss the new COVID19 reality that is taking shape will influence the priorities and objectives of the EU Green Deal. What needs to be changed in the way we approach energy efficiency in our buildings? 

Episode 3


A message for "decent and affordable housing for all".

We’re heading back to the European Parliament to meet one of its Dutch Members with the Greens, Kim van Sparrentak. Kim is currently rapporteur of the European Parliament upcoming own initiative report on “Decent and Affordable Housing for All”. During our phone call, we asked Kim Van Sparrentak how can the EU Green Deal and its Renovation Wave, in particular, be a win win for the housing sector? And most importantly, what are the tools that Brussels should add to the national policy toolboxes when it comes to housing?

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