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A Housing Europe initiative to benchmark the work done within the public, cooperative and social housing sector on building and renovating homes in an energy and resource efficient way.


Our communities are essential for

a just energy transition

and a social EU Green Deal.

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Promoting energy efficiency investments in buildings. Renovated social housing buildings must be in line with the needs of the circular economy and foster the digitalisation and climate-proofing of the building stock.

Our 6 Essentials for Renovation

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Social housing that provides adequate heating or other required energy services in their homes at affordable cost. Initiatives that address energy poverty and housing security, lowering the cost of living, ensuring accessibility and radically cutting emissions.

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Sustainable construction and renovation work that put the most vulnerable in the driving seat so the energy transition goes hand in hand with people’s right to decent housing and energy.




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The redevelopment of housing at the scale required demands a holistic approach based not on individual buildings, but on entire neighbourhoods to benefit from better financing conditions and economies of scale for effective decarbonisation.


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Neighbourhoods should incorporate design for better living: more building diversity, common areas, outdoor and green spaces, and adaptable and accessible homes to ageing. 



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The development of innovative financing possibilities and business models for the transition in social housing that blend public and private funds in energy efficiency investments.

Our values for a social Green Deal

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Right to Energy
Restoring dignity to those living in fuel poverty.

Our latest insights